Affinity hosted Professor Andrew Jakubowicz of UTS yesterday for a lecture, titled “Abandoned Colony: Cultural Diversity Challenges in Myanmar Today”, which shed light on the factors contributing to the current situation in Myanmar.

Professor Jakubowicz started by providing an insight into the multicultural make-up of Myanmar, which consists of “135 different language groups, many national groups and many subnational groups”.

He then discussed Myanmar’s history, looking at the state of affairs before and after English colonialism, paying special attention to the shifts in religious identity and changes in the government structure and constitution.

Professor Jakubowicz concluded by discussing three key issues he identified in Myanmar that need to be addressed:

1)   The necessity for human rights and human rights education

2)   Inclusive citizenship

3)   National leadership

The Q&A session that followed furthered the discussion about the issues in Myanmar and provided hope that the steps being taken to address them will yield fruits in the near future…

You can watch the full lecture below. For other videos, please check our YouTube account ‘AffinityDialogue’.



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