At Affinity, our mission is to create and sustain enduring relationships with people through intercultural and interfaith dialogue. We believe that the human touch makes all the difference. It is through this personal touch that we are able to achieve understanding, tolerance and acceptance between people of diverse backgrounds. When two individuals recognise their shared humanity, a natural affinity emerges between them. It is this affinity that shatters stereotypes, false assumptions and negative perceptions. It all starts with the individual. With this goal in mind, the individual can build synergy and influence others within their network.

We fulfill our mission by incorporating our core principles of sincerity, service, consultation, integrity, interdependence, positive action and balance into everything that we do. Affinity Intercultural Foundation is here for the long haul and is making its contribution to remove bigotry and establish peace and harmony in Australia. We believe that this interaction will result in Australian Muslims developing their unique Australian identity and culture, as well as contributing to the positive development of the Australian cultural and religious landscape.

Core principles

  • Sincerity

    Sincerity – in intention and action

  • Service

    Service – to God and humanity

  • Consultation

    Consultation – with the right people

  • Integrity

    Integrity – in self and team

  • Interdependence

    Interdependence – with team and partners

  • Positive Action

    Positive Action – in every situation

  • Balance

    Balance – in self and organisation