Australian Multiculturalism: The Case for a Reinvigoration and a Cosmopolitan Makeover

Australia has been a major immigration nation for over six decades with immigration being central to our nation building story. In the past two decades, the character of the Australian immigration intake has changed considerably while the issues of immigration and multiculturalism have been controversial at the level of public opinion and national politics.

What are the opportunities and challenges of Australia’s Multiculturalism policy and how will it shape Australia in the Asian Century ?
Is migration a detraction to our financial prosperity ?
Can migrants integrate into the economic, social, cultural and political landscape of Australia ?

The lecture topic makes the case for a reinvigoration of Australian multiculturalism at the political and policy level and a cosmopolitan makeover to take Australian immigrant settlement policy into the coming decades.

Jock Nov 2911Professor Jock Collins

Jock Collins is Professor of Social Economics in the Management Discipline Group at the UTS Business School, Sydney, Australia. He has been teaching and conducting research at UTS since 1977.  He is Co-Director of the Cosmopolitan Civil Societies Research Centre at UTS.  His research interests centre on an interdisciplinary study of immigration and cultural diversity in the economy and society. His recent research has been on Australian immigration, ethnic crime, immigrant and Indigenous entrepreneurship, immigrant youth, ethnic precincts and tourism, multiculturalism, the Cronulla Beach Riots, global teachers, immigrants and the built environment and immigrants in regional and rural Australia and the social use of ethnic heritage and the built environment. He is the author or co-author of ten books, the most recent of which is Global Teachers, Australian Perspectives: Goodbye Mr. Chips Hello Ms. Banerjee (with Carol Reid and Michael Singh) was published by Springer Press in 2014. He is also the author of over 100 articles in international and national academic journals and book chapters. His work has been translated in Swedish, French, Japanese, Arabic, Dutch, Chinese, Portuguese, German, Turkish and Italian.  Jock Collins has had visiting academic appointments in the UK, Canada, Sweden and the United States and has consulted to the ILO and OECD.