Affinity Saturday BBQ – Home Encounters

The Saturday BBQs are an initiative in the spirit of our highly successful home encounters initiatives we have been organising since our inception.


These are small informal events (about 8-12 guests) at the residence of a Muslim family in Sydney with the aim of contributing to social harmony and a healthy modern Australian society through encouraging dialogue, facilitating cultural exchange and fostering friendships.


The family-friendly atmosphere and warm hospitality of our hosts provide a relaxed environment for conversation while our guests enjoy delicious food alongside a cup of tea or strong Turkish coffee. The human touch sometimes makes all the difference and feedback for our various home-based programs has been overwhelmingly positive from both hosts and guests.


To take part in this exciting project, please email to . A member of our team will write back and discuss details with you.

12 November 2016


15 October 2016


24 October 2015