• Sunday, 11 September 2005 at 1pm at the Seymour Centre

In conjunction with members of the Muslim and non-Muslim community in Australia, Affinity Intercultural Foundation is to facilitate a Summit entitled“Muslims in Australia: Contributions to National Security & Harmony”.

This platform is organised to facilitate the community and religious leaders of the Muslim community to publicly denounce terrorism of all forms and to declare their commitment to the laws and shared values of our country, Australia.

There are two imperatives for this event. Firstly, in many interfaith events we have been part of, people have asked ‘why don’t you publicly announce that Islam and Muslims denounce terrorism’. Secondly, we received many requests from the Muslim community after the London bombings that something must be done in Australia to denounce terrorism.” said Mehmet Ozalp the president of Affinity Intercultural Foundation. 

Mehmet Ozalp also remarked “September the 11 represents the day terror hit the global scene and the day the world changed forever which profoundly impacted Muslims worldwide and in Australia. More Muslims died in the last 15 years due to acts of terrorism than any other people. Therefore, Australian Muslims in this country should unite with the rest of Australians on this day to denounce terrorism and remember all those who tragically died in terrorist acts.

Affinity Intercultural Foundation has been planning this summit soon after the London bombings occurred, in order to speak up against terror. This summit is not held because we or other participants were not invited to the PM summit. This summit will serve to complement the summit already held by the Prime Minister and further enhance and support the PM’s and Australia’s stance against terrorism.

In a local Sydney newspaper last week, the title “Muslims who were not invited to the PM summit hold their own summit on September 11” was grossly inaccurate and blatantly trying to undermine the significance of this event. We actually have participants from the PM summit, such as the NSW Islamic Council, who will be speaking and attending this summit.

Prime Minister was also invited to this summit. Prime Minister’s office sent us a letter and called this summit as “an ideal forum” and expressed his apologies saying, Unfortunately, longstanding commitments at that time will prevent the PM from joining you and he must, therefore, decline your kind invitation… The PM has asked, however, that you accept his apologies and best wishes for a successful and constructive Summit.

Affinity Intercultural Foundation President Mehmet Ozalp said “It is vital for Australian Muslims to condemn and reject all forms of terrorism.  Living in one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse nations in the world there is no place for extremism or intolerance.  As Muslims we need to promote the true and universal Islam”.