05 Jul

Istanbul-Rome’ Study Tour 2009

A group of Australian Muslim and Catholic leaders participated in a joint prototype pilgrimage to Istanbul and Rome. This tour enabled religious leaders from both faith groups to study and understand each others’ religious values, customs and significant institutions by ...

27 Apr

Anzac Day Mosque Tour 2007

Anzac Day Mosque Tour | Wednesday 25th April 2007 Home Encounters Network (HEN) Steering Committee decided to take the timely occasion of Anzac Day public holiday and facilitate a social gathering amongst its members with a Mosque Tour as the feature element. There were ...

27 Jan

Neighbourhood Day (Ashura)

As part of the interfaith community Affinity has introduced several events of great significance to our social calendar. The International Abraham conference, Mosque/Church/Synagogue visits, seminars and Iftar dinners just to name a few. Each year, the interfaith community and government ...

26 Jan

Noah’s Pudding with Polynesian Community

On Saturday 26 January, Affinity executive members Mehmet Saral and Saban Izgun attended a Polynesian Day BBQ as a part of Neighbourhood Day in order to distribute Ashura (Noah’s Pudding). There were approximately100 people, most who were Saban Izgun’s Guardian ...

17 Dec

Violence will not prevail in Auburn

Ash Wednesday was particularly significant for Auburn Uniting Church in 2006. Its charred hall is a sombre reminder of December 14 last year, when the building was burnt down in the early hours of the morning.] The fire occurred during ...