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09 Dec

Affinity Lecture Series : The Honourable Chief Justice Diana Bryant AO

The issue of commercial surrogacy has recently entered the Australian psyche. In all the States and Territories in Australia except for one, commercial surrogacy is illegal. In two of the states and in the Australian Capital Territory, that illegality extends to commercial surrogacy ...

08 Dec

Michael Ebeid – Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of SBS

“Passion, purpose and innovation – navigating challenges and driving real change in organizations” Passion, purpose and innovation are essential ingredients for the vitality and growth of any organisation. They’re certainly three values that have always driven me, and which are ...

27 Nov

Affinity Lecture Series : Darren Goodsir – Editor in Chief, The Sydney Morning Herald & The Sun-Herald

“Free Media : Ethical Decision Making & Social Responsibility”   Part 1 – Welcoming Speech by Peter Manning Part 2 – Darren Goodsir – “Free Media : Ethical Decision Making & Social Responsibility” Part 3 – Q & A and Closing Speech ...

25 Nov

In Conversation : Religious Freedom In A Secular & Multicultural Society

St James Institue and Affinity Intercultural Foundation co-host a discussion between Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson, a Christian and a Muslim. Keynote Speaker : Human Rights Commissioner, Mr Tim Wilson  Guest Speaker : Assoc Prof Mehmet Ozalp Guest Speaker : ...

21 Oct

Affinity Lecture Series : Understanding the Impacts of Terrorism and Religion on Peace

Unless we measure something, we don’t really understand it. Terrorism and religious violence have been topics of much debate over the past year, dominating global news headlines. In his lecture, Steve Killelea will discuss recent statistical analysis carried out by the ...