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20 Apr

Affinity Lecture Series – Professor Jock Collins

Australian Multiculturalism: The Case for a Reinvigoration and a Cosmopolitan Makeover Australia has been a major immigration nation for over six decades with immigration being central to our nation building story. In the past two decades, the character of the ...

19 Mar

The Muslim World In Transition : Case Study of Turkey & Egypt

Masses of protestors from Gezi Park and Tahrir Square were calling for justice, freedom and democratic rights for Turkey and Egypt respectively. Egypt’s military has recently overthrown a democratically elected government while in Turkey an elected government is reversing decade long democractic ...

11 Feb

Affinity Lecture Series – Les Murray

“Football : The World Game beyond Borders”  Australia is a richly diverse nation, accepting people from all walks of life. Throughout its timeline many migrants and refugees have come to Australia and been a part of the nation building story. ...

09 Feb

12th Abrahamic Panel 2014

13 May

‘Media and Values: Its influence and responsibilities for social ethics’

On the 4th of April, 2011, the second annual media related panel, titled ‘Media and Values: Its influence and responsibilities for social ethics’, was held at Customs Housein Circular Quay.  Last year’s panel featured the launch of ISRA (Islamic Sciences ...