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26 Jun

Secular Liberal Democracy and Religious Pluralism in the 21st Century: Turkey and Australia

The Gallipoli Campaign was a major event in the history both of Turkey and of Australia, during which the stories of the nations became intertwined and a special friendship was founded between peoples who had been foes. Turkey was in ...

11 Apr

Abandoned Colony: Cultural Diversity Challenges in Myanmar Today

Affinity hosted Professor Andrew Jakubowicz of UTS yesterday for a lecture, titled “Abandoned Colony: Cultural Diversity Challenges in Myanmar Today”, which shed light on the factors contributing to the current situation in Myanmar. Professor Jakubowicz started by providing an insight ...

27 Mar


“Even if we have different feelings and thoughts, we are all people of this society. Even though we may not have common ground on some matters, we all live in this world and we are passengers on the same ship. ...

21 Feb

NSW Alliance Affirms Multicultural Success

An alliance of organisations and individuals from across New South Wales have united to re-affirm their support of the state’s multicultural and multi-faith community. This is their joint statement in response to the Geert Wilders’ visit to Australia to spread ...

09 Feb

Problems facing the Arab World and the Perspectives of Fethullah Gulen

Affinity Intercultural Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of its Australia – Middle East Dialogue Platform for the discussion of issues concerning the two regions and the strengthening of communication and understanding between their people. To deliver the platform’s ...