The Association of Independent Schools of NSW (AIS) and Amity College, in partnership with Affinity Intercultural Foundation organised the 3rd annual Education Leaders’ Iftar (Breaking the Fast) Dinner which held at the Amity College Prestons campus on Wednesday, 22nd June 2016.

This annual dinner is aimed at bringing together educational leaders from around New South Wales representing Independent, Catholic and Government schools, and intends to promote the importance of cultural, religious and social understanding and harmony. In doing so, we aim to bring together individuals from different sectors in the community and establish the unity and solidarity that today’s world is in need of.

The theme for this year’s Iftar dinner was “Shared Responsibility: Weaving the community together in today’s polarised world”.

This event must not be mistaken for a fancy gathering of individuals to share a meal. On the contrary, it is an opportunity and responsibility, first and foremost for educational institutions, to understand and acknowledge that this event is aimed at weaving together and uniting the wider community. In doing so it should enable us as education leaders, being in such influential roles at our schools, to instill this responsibility in everyone around us – similar to the rippling effect created by a single stone thrown in a still, shimmering lake.