Home Iftar Dinner – 29/07/2015

Once again this year Affinity Intercultural Foundation took great pleasure in arranging home iftars in varies parts of Sydney. Friends of Affinity Intercultural Foundation from all walks of live joined together on an Iftar – ‘breaking of the fast’ dinner – at the private residence of a Muslim family.

Affinity has been augmenting its significant contribution to social harmony through its Home Iftar Dinners initiative, which has now been running for several years. These Iftars, held during the month of Ramadan, are a great opportunity for individuals to engage in first-hand cultural exchange and consequent dialogue arising from the many commonalities. The feedback we have received from previous participants confirms that such engagement not only facilitates understanding of the Islamic faith and the Muslim culture but also enhances the Muslim community’s sense of belonging and consequently its contribution to Australian society.

As Affinity Intercultural Foundation, we had the chance to arrange a dozen or two several dates with Muslim families who were excited about the opportunity to host Home Iftar in their homes. In the past as well as this year, Muslim families have hosted both federal and state politicians, public servants, media representatives, academics, think tank representatives, community and religious leaders.

We hope those who attend Affinity Home Iftar 2015 had a wonderful experience. As Affinity Intercultural Foundation we would like to thank all of the friends/guest who attended home iftar this year and of course give a special thanks to our Muslim families who opened their homes to host an home iftar.

Luke Aquinas FOLEY, MP

“It was an absolute pleasure to be invited into the home of Bulent and to meet with his family and members of Affinity, who are doing such great work in the community.”

“There is no better way to understand the importance of working together then when you are breaking bread in someone’s home.”

Luke Aquinas FOLEY, MPLeader of the Opposition, Shadow Minister for the Arts, Shadow Minister for Racing, and Shadow Minister for Western Sydney
Linda Smith

“I just wanted to thank you sincerely for organising the wonderful iftar on Sunday night.”

“We were shown such wonderful hospitality and thoroughly enjoyed meeting yourself and our very generous host family.”

Linda SmithEditor, That’s Life! magazine
Janine Perrett

“Many thanks for organising a lovely Iftar dinner on Sunday night. I enjoyed it immensely and would ask you to pass on our warmest appreciation to the whole family who were all involved in welcoming us into their home and providing such fabulous food and hospitality.”

Janine PerrettSky News
Associate Professor Rodger Shanahan

“I just wanted to thank you for the hospitality of you and your family in hosting all of us for the Iftar dinner this week. The food was lovely and the company and conversation stimulating. It was much appreciated.”

Associate Professor Rodger ShanahanResearch Fellow at the Lowy Institute
Darren Goodsir

“Thank you very much for your kindness and hospitality last night, and for the wonderful dinner and deserts … My team, and I, were very fortunate to have been able to share this experience in the privacy of your family home.

We felt very welcome, and privileged, and I wanted to pass on my gratitude and best wishes, on behalf of the Herald, to you and your lovely family, and friends.”

Darren GoodsirEditor-in-Chief of The Sydney Morning Herald
David Bennett

“Thank you very much for organizing the iftar dinner at home of Bulent & Senay Yildiz on Tuesday.
The food was delicious, the company was fascinating and the atmosphere was brilliant.
Affinity did a wonderful job.
With warm good wishes”

David BennettAustralian barrister and former Solicitor-General of Australia
Highlights from this years Home Iftar:

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