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The Home Iftars have been a growing tradition since its inception in 2006. This year was no exception for Affinity intercultural Foundation as 29 Australian-Muslim family homes across Sydney shared an iftar meal with members of the wider community including representatives from politics, public service, media, academia and various faith and community groups.

The Iftars provide a great opportunity for individuals to engage in first-hand cultural exchange that breaks down barriers and consequently sincere dialogue arising from the many commonalities. Feedback since the inception of the concept has proven that such engagement not only facilitates mutual respect and understanding between Muslims and the broader community but also enhances the Muslim community’s sense of belonging and hence its contribution to Australian society.

Affinity’s Executive Director, mentioned that the demand for participation in a Home Iftar and the limited number of days each year in Ramadan has prompted Affinity to look into the possibility of extending the concept beyond Ramadan. He said, “We are very pleased to see how much this initiative has grown and hope that it continues to do so…”

“It was a pleasure to host such wonderful people and be part of the lovely environment” – FatmaAksu

Every year, Affinity reaches out to Muslim families asking if they would like to host those who aren’t Muslim in their homes for an iftar dinner during Ramadan. Yet again, the Muslim community exceeded our expectations and we were fortunate to find 29 families across Sydney and the Illwarra who were delighted to open their homes.

“I love you because of your service and contribution to the community. I love your community because of its service and contribution to Australia.”  – Hon. John Ajaka, MLC

Participants’ feedback has indicated that these dinners not only facilitate understanding of the Islamic faith, but also enhance the Muslim community’s sense of belonging in Australian society.

“Well done Affinity! Thank you for the generous hospitality shown to many. It is very much appreciated. God bless you and all your host families at Eid and throughout the coming year.” – Patrick McInerney


Photos from the Home Iftar Dinners