On Monday 27th June, Amity College in partnership with Affinity Intercultural Foundation hosted its inaugural Student Leaders’ Iftar Dinner


This year’s theme “Sharing experiences and celebrating diverse cultures” brought twelve diverse schools across Sydney and over ninety guests together. Each participating school and their student leaders reflected over the importance of such dialogue initiatives and the great and attainable hope such platforms occasions for our future young leaders. Both Amity’s BHS & GHS’s SRC leadership collaborated their efforts in this program.


Amity’s Executive Principal, Mr Deniz Erdogan explained the objective of this initiative “to instill in our leading students – the future young men and women of a cohesive and harmonious multicultural Australia – an authentic understanding of the “other” in their frame of reference – platforms like these are essential”.


Similar sentiments were echoed across the floor reflections like Ms Lara Cysnok from Brigidine College in St Ives who mentioned that “such an incredible opportunity would mean a wonderful world we will be starting off with” whilst Amity’s Adna Mahmutovic echoed “our similarities – founding blocks; our differences that edge & spark” – a hopeful visionary leadership quality in both these young ladies.
This set the benchmark for more similar programs here onwards.