Study Tours

Australia is a young nation that is in the process of learning about the cultures of the world. Hence groups from university departments, NGOs and government departments often organise study tours to foreign countries on a regular basis to gain international experience, enhance understanding of other cultures and to develop the professional skills of the participants.

In the past, we have organised study tours to Turkey – with its rich cultural heritage and links to Australia through our shared Anzac history.









Our tours provide participants with the opportunity to experience incredible history, thousands of years of culture, precious first-hand insight on diversity, religious philosophy, politics, conflict resolution and sociology through the many visits and brain storming the sessions with academies and scholars in each country. Participants also get the opportunity to describe Australia’s multicultural society, its achievements in peace and social justice to academics and leaders abroad. The tour enables its participants to develop strong friendships amongst themselves which allows the formation of a professional network upon their return to Australia. The tours are planned carefully so that maximum efficiency can be obtained during the visits to historical, touristic and geographically fascinating locations whilst they present the opportunity to meet and socialise with the locals and enjoy the delicious foods and culture. The tours also enhance human relations, teamwork, world perspective and cultural skills of the participants.

Currently, we are accepting expressions of interest for the following tours in 2017:

  1. Central Asia tour featuring Asian Games in Turkmenistan, historical tour of Uzbekistan and another country in the region
  2.  Balkans tour featuring visit to Bosnia with its rich history and two other countries in the region
  3. Asia Pacific tour featuring visits to Cambodia, Philippines with their rich physical and cultural heritage and another country in the region

All tours involve substantial opportunities for interaction with the local population, sightseeing, visits to significant landmarks and cultural icons, visits to universities, think-tanks and other institutions depending on the interests of each group. We try to give as much a cultural and intellectual experience as possible for our guests. Detailed itinerary is developed in consultation with guests and this is often available two months in advance after participants and dates are confirmed.

Each tour is limited to a maximum of 15 participants. Tours cost around $3000 to $6000 depending on the tour and this includes tour guides, entry to museums and other sites, meals, accommodation, and transportation.

If you have any questions or would like to express your interest in any of the above,  please get in touch with our office on