img_2688We had a chance to tantalise our taste buds with delicious deserts, coffee and tea while we enjoyed watching the Bollywood dancers. There were many ladies who decided to try out their rhythmic style so they too joined the Boolywood dancers. Most felt comfortable with the moves as they seemed to enjoy it so much they wanted more!

Over 200 ladies from different faiths joined their friends and made new friends at this year’s Women of Faith Dinner, held on March 14th, 2010. Our guests were stretched from South to North to Blue Mountains to Wollongong.

The night started with a reading from the holy books – Torah, Bible and Quran. A guest presenter from each faith tradition provided insightful information about each other’s texts, enabling better understanding of the context of the themes.

Ladies had the opportunity to discuss and share their experiences about being an Australian woman during dinner.  Many found common similarities and challenges that each others faced.

img_2423The keynote speaker for the evening, the US Consulate Ms Judith Fergin talked about her experience on being a successful woman.

There were beautiful performances from each faith traditions ranging from poetic readings to faith related songs. Everyone was so excited to hear the beautiful voices of each performer as the audience joined in the singing and partook in some traditional dancing.

We then moved into our Coffee Chat session. We had three ladies from the Abrahamic faith traditions to give their perspective about; “If we were to change the world, where do we start and what do we do next ?” They shared their views on how we could make a positive difference in our society and expand that out to a global scale.

The night closed after such beautiful experiences and with new friendships.

The following feedbacks are just simple examples why we have many women join to this great event!“Just wanted to congratulate you and your team on the success of the Women of Faith Dinner.  The meal was excellent as was the entertainment. We had a beauty table of mixed faiths which is what it is all about and we deliberately sat apart from each other and hoped strangers would join us and it worked!  I thought it was the best I had attended. One of our groups hadn’t been before and was particularly impressed and keen to learn so much.  It was a great fun night. I went away feeling I had been with friends, more in tune with our similarities and with an increased understanding of the challenges of living in Australia as a Muslim woman.

“This is great opportunity to build bridges and break barriers between different ethnicities and religions and find similarities with one another.”
“It is one of the unmissable events of the year.”
“I attended due to strongly believing in mutual respect and friendship amongst people of all faiths.
“I wanted to be part of the celebration of women. ”
“This event gives me chance to meet my friends from different faiths.”
“I joined this event for the sake of GOD.”
“I joined the program in belief in that knowledge, love and dialogue would be shared.”
“To meet Muslim women.”
“Attended last year and enjoyed it so came again this year.”

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