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01 Feb

Affinity Sample Event 2

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10 Oct

Event post style 2

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18 May

Cultural Cooking Classes – Egyptian Cuisine

Firstly, select an exotic cuisine group like Egyptian cuisine and allow it to simmer for a while. Then, add an organisation sincerely interested in dialogue, followed by a maestro chef like former MasterChef contestant Amina El-Shafei and an excited crowd ...

02 Jan

Affinity Office Relocation

One of our major announcements has been our move to the Sydney CBD. From 2013 onwards Affinity will be working out of the Sydney office and will be looking forward to ramping up their lectures amongst other activities.  If you would ...

13 Sep

IEU Womens Teacher Union Conference

On the 20th of August Affinity was asked to speak at the annual IEU teachers Union Conference held at the Mercure Hotel in the City. The theme this year was on “Diversity and Inclusion”. The organisers felt that Affinity’s work ...