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The Hon Laurie Ferguson MP – “Challenges of Multiculturalism in an emerging conservative Australia”.


The Hon Laurie Ferguson MP – “Challenges of Multiculturalism in an emerging conservative Australia”.

img_7911 On Monday, 11th of October 2010, The Hon Laurie Ferguson MP delivered a lecture titled “Challenges of Multiculturalism in an emerging conservative Australia”. The monthly dialogue lecture series was MC’d by Affinity Public Affairs Coordinator and Principal of Arkana College, Mr Osman Karolia. Mr Karolia opened the evening with some very important remarks on Multiculturalism and its history in Australia. He then invited Mr Ferguson to deliver his paper.

Mr Ferguson, who has years of experience and a person who has provided much advice to the Government’s he served in this area over the last quarter of a century, would be one of the first people that leader’s should consult when it comes to Multiculturalism.

During the lecture Mr Ferguson stated, “…although there may be some flaws in Australia’s multicultural policy, it is one of the best in the World”, a testimony that no one can really argue with.

img_7941Affinity President, Mr Mehmet Saral, also presented Mr Ferguson with a gift as well as a Certificate of Appreciation for the great service he has provided to the community of Auburn that he has served so well over the last approximately 25 years. Mr Saral said, “Mr Laurie Ferguson has served the Former Federal Parliament seat of Reid, which included Auburn and Granville, for the last 20 or so years. Prior to that he served the area from a State perspective for over 5 years. He served the area with passion and was always at the forefront of community interaction. He attended many community events and always supported the community that he represented proudly. We would like to thank Mr Laurie Ferguson on behalf of the Auburn community, which comprises many communities ranging from Turkish, Lebanese, Bosnian, Chinese, Tongan amongst others. He has truly been a great ambassador to this area.