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Women of Faith Dinner & Awards 2008


Women of Faith Dinner & Awards 2008

On Saturday, 31st May 2008, Affinity Intercultural Foundation in collaboration with Columban Mission Institute, Diocese of Parramatta, Kings Cross Interfaith Centre, NSW Jewish Board of Deputies, North Shore Temple Emanuel and Uniting Church NSW Synod organised arguably, one of the year’s most celebrated and anticipated “Women of Faith Dinner”.

By acknowledging the custodians of the land where, Parra Villa Function Lounge hosted, the Master of Ceremonies, Ms Makiz Ansari welcomed the diverse women in faith. Reconciling: inwardly, outwardly and in between being the theme of the year had the keynote speaker, Ms. Oomera Coral Edwards, naturally connect with the theme as she ‘transcended the time and space’ through her spirituality and conciliation with the natural world.

The eloquence of Donna Jacob Sife, and her award winning story-telling style captivated the audience as she narrated through inspiring stories from the Jewish perspective on women’s ‘natural reconciling and healing abilities’.

Followed was the Christian perspective which Chantelle Ogilvie beautifully presented through the spirit and love of Jesus Christ and the connectivity of that to “service and serving the community”.

What followed was the dynamism of the young Muslim speaker, Ms Rahile Ansari, who through her light humour and unique analogy had the audience ‘glued to their sticky powers’. Rahile’s unique way attributing women to be natural ‘glues’ which has inherent connecting ‘powers’.

Through the Divine name of Ar-Rahman, the root word of rahim, referring to the womb qualified her proposition.

With the scrumptious dinner that followed, the social segment of this dinner begun with NSTE Choir stunning performances in multi-lingual song items underpinning the theme ‘cast no fear for love is perfect’. The thrilling voice of Anjali Bhardwaj and her team reconciled the Hindu devotional element to the atmosphere and the ‘Ottoman Daughters Cultural Hennah Dance’ brought the cultural celebration of a bride-to-be after which the floor was whirling in the traditional hallay dance that had all the ladies.

With the beautiful bouquets of flowers gifted to the speakers, the evening concluded with many who stayed on mingling and reflecting over the night.