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An Australian View of the World


An Australian View of the World

Professor Bob Carr presented an Australian view of the world including its relationship with US and China on Tuesday 4 February 2020 at the Sydney offices of Affinity during a couch conversation with the former diplomat, Richard Broinowski AO.

The former Premier of NSW and also a former Foreign Minister of Australia, Bob Carr is currently the Professor of Industry in Climate and Business at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS).

The audience was welcomed by The Honourable Barrie Unsworth, former premiere of NSW and a member of the Affinity Advisory Board.

Bob Carr and Richard Broinowski dived into an in-depth discussion of Australia’s view on worldly political issues.

Richard Broinowski presented questions ranging from the current unfortunate bushfires that have engulfed Australia’s land to the current trade relationship of the US and China.

Richard Broinowski asked how Prof Carr felt about the bushfires and if it is a part of climate change to which Bob Carr agreed that it is indeed a climate event and a proof of continuous scientific evidence.

There have been many articles and warnings since 1988 about the increase of global warming and the effects it can thus pose. To disregard the current bushfires as a non-climate emergency is therefore ignorant.

The two individuals then delved into trade relations between the US and China and where Australia stands.

Bob Carr said that Trump is a political genius and he uses the strategy to change the opposition and frame them as an opposition.

Bob Carr also mentioned that the leadership of Xi looks like it has changed and China buys an estimated 40% of Australia’s exports and therefore Australia’s and China’s trade balance is ideal.

The discussion ended with an audience Q and A session.

Gifts of appreciation were then handed to Bob Carr by The Honourable Justice Michael Pembroke, Former judge of the Supreme Court. Rory Jeffs, CEO of Opera Australia gifted Richard Broinowski. Then, Alison Broinowski, former diplomat, presented Barrie Unsworth with a gift of appreciation.

The program concluded with Executive Director of Affinity, Ahmet Polat, closing the event with a few words of his own.

Polat acknowledged the devastating bushfires and applauded the sense of community the unfortunate event brought.

He pointed out that diversity within Australian society now and in the future is a great opportunity to form united and dynamic relations with the world.

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